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    New TrackSense Pro 8 Bar Pressure Sensor

    24 September 18

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    Did somebody say “beer”?

    Our new sensor offers highly-accurate pressure measurements, which are commonly required during pasteurization of beer.

    It can be used in conjunction with our industry-leading temperature data loggers that easily allow users to calculate the accumulated PU’s (pasteurization units) and other critical data during these processes.

    This new high-pressure sensor offers some exciting features and benefits:

    • Extended measuring range of 20 mBar to 8 Bar (116 PSI) Absolute, allowing it to cover a wider range of applications
    • Compatible with existing TrackSense® Pro Data Loggers with interchangeable sensors
    • Robust and durable design consisting of AISI 316L stainless steel for maintenance free operation
    • Measuring accuracy of ± 0.25% full-scale for optimal performance
    • Fast sample rate (up to 3 samples / second) for highest data resolution

    Have a look at the TrackSense® Pro Wireless Data Logger with 8 Bar Pressure Sensor!

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