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Ellab Moves Into Wireless Monitoring with the Acquisition of Hanwell

Ellab Moves Into Wireless Monitoring with the Acquisition of Hanwell


Today, ELLAB announces the acquisition of HANWELL (Hanwell Solutions Ltd. and its holding companies), a renowned British company designing and manufacturing wireless environmental monitoring solutions.

ELLAB is continiuosly identifying strategic verticals to capture additional growth from new adjacent technologies such as wireless environmental monitoring. When screening the wireless monitoring market, HANWELL was identified as an attractive candidate due to its high-quality product range (incl. industry leading radio coverage), which fits well with ELLAB’s brand and product portfolio.

The joint ELLAB and HANWELL team also believe it will strengthen HANWELL to become part of a larger organization like ELLAB and both parties have confidence in that working together will create opportunities for both HANWELL and ELLAB to expand sales and ultimately grow the profit.

HANWELL was established in 1990 and since then, it has been able to supply solutions across multiple industries; Pharmaceutical, Food, Hospitals, Laboratories, Heritage and many more. The company has 55 employees and its HQ and manufacturing facility is located in Letchworth, 60 km north of London.

The CEO and the largest shareholder of HANWELL, Mr. Ian Robinson, has been with the company since 2000. ELLAB is very pleased to announce that he will stay as responsible for the company and become part of the group management of ELLAB.

ELLAB thanks all the involved parties in making this transaction possible and we are all looking forward to beginning this new journey together.



ELLAB is a global leader in thermal validation solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical and food processing industries. The company was in August 2016 acquired by IK VIII (“IK”), a BEUR 1.85 fund advised by IK Investment Partners, which is a private equity investor.

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