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Want to Save More than 85% of Your Time During the Validation Process? Here’s how

Want to Save More than 85% of Your Time During the Validation Process? Here’s how

Switch to wireless data loggers and optimized validation software – it’s that simple.

Thomas W. Flanagan

In a time-saving study conducted by Ellab, we compared our wireless data loggers to a traditional cable system on the market, and the results were night and day.

While performing the same task, the traditional cable system was 87.2% slower than Ellab’s TrackSense Pro system. To figure out where the biggest differences in performance were, the time-saving study was broken up into parts, focusing on the different phases of the validation process. After doing so, it became clear which areas wireless data loggers and Ellab really stood out in: ease-of-use and automated software features.


It’s no secret that messing around with long, entangled cables can be time-consuming, and in this case, it was no different. The traditional validator’s cables first had to be organized and fed into the autoclave before any sensors could be positioned – whereas the wireless data loggers were able to be positioned right away, saving a lot of time and effort.

Automated Software

The biggest difference, however, came at the end of the process, when the data had to be extracted, analyzed and reported upon. The software that came with the third-party cable system required a great deal of manual setup and calculations, greatly slowing down the process. The ValSuite software that came with the wireless data loggers was a completely different story, and wasted 16 fewer hours to do the same job.

You can view the raw data and learn more about our analysis and conclusion in our free white paper.

What does this mean for the Bottom Line?

A common reason for operators choosing cable systems over wireless data loggers is the initial costs associated with purchasing a new system, which, at face value, heavily benefits the cable systems. However, when looking at the data acquired through the time-saving study, it quickly becomes apparent that while initial costs may be higher for wireless data loggers, their operating costs are significantly lower.

In fact, the time saved by using wireless data loggers with optimized software could return its investment costs twice in a single year when compared to traditional cable systems.

Are Traditional Cable Systems Still Viable?

Yes – if combined with an efficient software package. The biggest difference in the time-saving study was without a doubt the manual setup and analysis required by the third-party software.

So while working with cables remains a time-consuming hassle, by simply switching to a cable system that functions with the ValSuite software, you can reduce labor times drastically.

FREE White Paper

Read the full study in our white paper!

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