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Go Paperless with Ellab and Kneat

Go Paperless with Ellab and Kneat

Reduce the risk of errors and increase validation efficiency.

Thomas W. Flanagan

Going digital is gradually becoming a must. Hard copies slow down the process, require physical storage, expose the process to errors and are far from sustainable. This is just as true for the validation process as it is for everything else – so why not optimize?

Ellab has partnered up with Kneat to bring our clients the golden standard for paperless validations. Kneat enables validation teams to author, review, approve, test, execute and much more, all in a secure 21 CFR Part 11 compliant solution.

Save Crucial Time with a Fully Digital System

Trotting through piles of validation paperwork and manually approving and signing every page is a thing of the past. Kneat turns all of that into a fraction of the work and zero waste – but it doesn’t stop there. You get a complete overview of what documentation requires action, so you can efficiently approve, reject, comment and review, allowing the process to continue without a hitch.

This applies to every point in the validation process, from planning projects and workflows to executing qualifications and quality assurance.

Kneat is easily accessible from a secure browser-based platform, so you can access your projects at any time.

What about ValSuite?

ValSuite will remain the qualification, validation and calibration software powerhouse that it is today – but when combined with Kneat, your validation process will be optimized like never before.

The software compliment each other and ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

How do I Become a Kneat User?

If you’re interested in using or learning more about Kneat, contact us today for a free consultation. Ellab is a Kneat Gx certified partner, and can help with implementing the system, by using our experienced field service teams.

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