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Make Your Time to Market 3 Times Faster when Qualifying Freezers

Make Your Time to Market 3 Times Faster when Qualifying Freezers

Unlock the secret to efficient qualification of ultra-low freezers - 3 times faster, an early start to production, and 12.9 million USD in profits

Thomas W. Flanagan

At Ellab, we are passionate about providing top-notch qualification services for ultra-low freezers and other equipment. Our goal is to reduce your time to market by ensuring that your applications stay compliant and run smoothly – so, you can produce a steady stream of life-saving treatments.

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a client who was facing the challenge of qualifying 200 of their ultra-low freezers (-80°C) on a tight deadline. A competitor of ours had estimated that the qualification processes would take a significant amount of time. But, as always, we strive to exceed expectations, and that’s exactly what we did.

Faster Than the Competition

The competition had estimated that the entire IQ, OQ, and PQ process would take about 30 weeks to complete. However, Ellab’s expertise and fleet of validation equipment meant that we were able to estimate the task to a fraction of the time. In fact, it only took us 10 weeks to qualify all 200 of the ultra-low freezers.

Our team immediately got to work and used their experience and attention to detail to complete the task at an impressive rate. They were able to identify and address any issues that arose during the process, ensuring that the entire process went smoothly and efficiently.

What Efficiency at a High Quality can Mean to You

Time is a valuable commodity, and at Ellab, we understand the importance of efficiency. By completing the task faster than the initial estimation, our client was able to start production 20 weeks earlier. This early start allowed them to earn an estimated 12.9 million USD in profits that would otherwise never have been possible.

As the saying goes: “time is money”, and at Ellab, we are committed to helping you save both.

A Wide Range of Services

But we don’t just stop at ultra-low freezer qualification, our services include commissioning, qualification, and validation services (CQV), as well as field calibration services and GMP consulting.

We ensure that your equipment is qualified and runs to the highest standards, so you can focus on producing valuable treatments that save and improve lives. Join the group of satisfied companies that partner with Ellab and let’s achieve your validation, qualification, calibration, and monitoring goals together.

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