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    Temperature controlled logistics

    Due to the severity of damage resulting from insufficient temperature control for certain goods, strict temperature monitoring requirements are set by the government and federal agencies to standardise a high level of safety throughout the food industry.

    It is vital across all cold chain food distribution that products are kept at a safe temperature throughout their journey. This ensures compliance with health standards from major organisations and alleviates food safety concerns surrounding bacterial growth, infection, and contamination. Cold chain monitoring is also the best way to encourage cold chain accountability, and can provide vital data records for insurance claims and audits.

    There is a need to understand the costs of wasted product, and protecting the business’ reputation through quality.

    Knowing if and/or when something has gone wrong during the period of transport could prevent detrimental damage further down the supply chain. There is a need to understand the costs of wasted product, and protecting the business’ reputation through quality. This can be helped by utilising temperature monitoring products alongside critical cargo.

    Cold Storage & Distribution centres

    Good Storage and Distribution Practices (GDP) are recognized worldwide and the need for accurate temperature mapping followed by continuous monitoring is critical to maintain optimum conditions for temperature-sensitive food products. Read more about this application here.


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    Choosing the right technology for the journey

    Choosing the right temperature monitoring technology may depend on several factors:

    • Length of the journey (longer journeys may require more event records)
    • Technology restrictions (flight mode requirements)
    • How often data is required (end of the journey or throughout)
    • Whether the data is to be integrated to existing software
    • Multiple measurement requirements



    Ellab offers multiple options for temperature and humidity monitoring whether it’s for long-distance journeys using transport wireless data loggers  that can transmit data to software for frequent alerts. All units can be easily transferred to the EMS software that is often used within Cold Storage facilities for a comprehensive and closed-loop and gap-free solution throughout the cold chain.

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    Cold Chain

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    Temperature & Humidity
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