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Packing Gland for Vials

Packing Gland for Vials

A unique solution for correctly positioning TrackSense Pro SmartFlex sensors in freeze-drying vials during product temperature monitoring.

The Ellab LYO Stoppers offer the most accurate and repeatable placement of a sensor in a vial, almost providing a thermal ‘free path’ to the product. The special stopper vapor flow replicates the vapor path of a standard split stopper. The LYO Stoppers, made by autoclavable silicone rubber and equipped with an AISI 316L stainless steel tube, are configured to fit the TrackSense Pro SmartFlex sensors into vials from 2 ml to 125 ml, with either Ø13 or Ø20 mm necks. The special top groove and silicone rubber o-ring, which is positioned around the vial neck, keep the SmartFlex sensor in place. Specifically used in the pharmaceutical industry for lyophilization, in which vials are processed

Main advantages:

✔ Easy to use
✔ Steel tube that fixates SmartFlex sensors in the ideal position
✔ Fits all Ø13 or Ø20 mm diameter necks
✔ Special stopper holes designed to replicate normal slot openings
✔ Fast and repeatable setup

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