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Keep Your Biopharmaceutical Products Safe with Ellab’s 24/7 Monitoring Solution

Keep Your Biopharmaceutical Products Safe with Ellab’s 24/7 Monitoring Solution

Protect your valuable assets, comply with regulations, and optimize your facilities with Ellab’s Continuous Monitoring Solution for the Biopharmaceutical industry.

Thomas W. Flanagan

At Ellab, we believe in going above and beyond, and we think you should too. The future of continuous monitoring is here, and it’s designed with 4 core principles in mind:

  1. The protection of your assets is crucial and should never be compromised.
  2. Alarms and corrective actions should be clear, relevant, and manageable so you can act fast and appropriately.
  3. Data integrity should be absolute, with no data gaps or IT vulnerabilities.
  4. You should always be ready for inspection and audit with a complete overview and documentation at hand.

With these core principles, we’ve developed the TrackView Pro monitoring equipment and EMSuite software, so you can take 24/7 environmental monitoring of strict environments to a whole new level.

Uncompromised Asset Protection

Losing a product batch due to faulty monitoring is unacceptable. Your products should be safely stored within appropriate conditions 24/7 – and if those conditions change, you should be informed immediately to safeguard your assets.

Our continuous monitoring system comes with a row of fail-safes, so you can rest easy knowing that:

  • There are no gaps in your monitoring data, so you won’t miss any alarms that should have gone off.
  • Alarms are sent out to relevant team members via the app, SMS, and/or email.
  • Your staff are given clear action cards to swiftly address the situation.

Clear and Manageable Alarms

To avoid alarm fatigue, you get to determine what constitutes an alarm, what the necessary thresholds are, how long conditions should be breached for before it triggers an alarm, and much more with customizable alarms.

You can then determine who receives what, what channels they get notified on, and what the corrective actions are, so your people are empowered to act in time, every time.

You’ll have a clear overview of your facilities, sites, and applications, so you can rest easy knowing that your processes are running smoothly and up to standard.

Absolute Data Integrity

All your data will be reliably stored, transmitted, and received – safe from network failures, loss, alterations, or misuse. You get to stay compliant and without worry, as your data is:

  • Protected and corroborated with 2-way communication.
  • Securely encrypted.
  • Completely without gaps
  • Easily generated into reports for audits and inspections.
  • Only available for chosen users.
  • Safely documented through audit trails.
  • Automatically and continuously logged without room for human error.

Always Inspection Ready

Be on top of your processes with clear documentation in hand so you avoid costly write-ups or surprises during inspections or audits.

With Ellab’s continuous monitoring solution, you’ll have complete data and audit trail, which can easily be turned into reports that document your compliance – allowing you to be proactive and well-prepared at all times.

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