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Boost Product Safety with Reliable Pyrogen Testing

Boost Product Safety with Reliable Pyrogen Testing

- Quick and easy solution for process compliance

Our PyroMon™ Pro system helps you keep a clear overview of your pyrogen testing process. The validated solution makes it easy for you to monitor and document samples, animals, dosages and much more.

Pyrogen Testing Solutions

Pyrogen Testing Solutions

Our pyrogen test system, PyroMon Pro, offers a simple way to document product safety. The reports generated by the pyrogen test system, documents that the products being used are in compliance with current regulations. There are numerous advantages to using an automated system, as it simplifies operating procedures, saves time and keeps costs under control.


Technical Specifications

Complies with GAMP & FDA 21 CFR Part 11

To ensure integrity and reliability, our pyrogen test system is validated following GAMP and is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. The software makes use of a SQL database that keeps track of animals, pharmacopoeias, samples, dosages, weights, test results, etc. The information is easily accessible and users stay up-todate on the animals in quarantine, completed sham tests and animals ready for pyrogen testing.

The PyroMon™ System Features:

  • Can be expanded to have up to 120 channels
  • Displays process mode & real-time data as a table or graph
  • Preconfigured pharmacopoeias e.g. USP-NF, ph. EUR, JP, KP and BP
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / International GMP standards
  • Smart USB connector with ID and cold junction compensation
  • Fast and reliable data transmission
  • Built-in 8-hour battery
The PyroMon Suite Software

The PyroMon Suite Software

The PyroMon Suite software, in conjunction with the PyroMon Pro equipment, offers a complete system for Pyrogen tests in accordance with the demands from the pharmacopeias (USP-NF, ph. EUR, etc.).

The system collects, analyzes, displays and then reports the results of an animal pyrogen tests. PyroMon Suite has been validated in accordance with GAMP and developed to allow maximum operation flexibility. The software ensures security and compliance with all the relevant requirements that are stated in the pharmacopoeias. It delivers tamper-free documented evidence, making manual recording obsolete. In addition to this, the PyroMon Suite provides essential benefits for the operators and management, i.e. audit trails, animal database and password protection.


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