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Thermocouple Sensor Type T - SSV

Thermocouple Sensor Type T - SSV

The Ellab thermocouple sensors for thermal validation, consists of superior quality materials that allows for stable measuring and high accuracy with a fast response times. The SSV type T thermocouple sensor can measure temperatures ranging from -20 to +135 °C, with an unmatched accuracy of <0.2 °C (calibrated ± 0.05 °C), and has a USB plug that saves all calibration constants. The SSV thermocouple sensor is specially designed for situations were space is limited and is ideal for food applications involving pasteurization and retort sterilization. The SSV functions with the Thermal Validation System E-Val™ Pro. 


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Technical Specifications



Operating Temperature:

-20 to +135 °C

Measuring Principle:

Thermoelectric Effect


<0.2 °C / Calibrated ± 0.05 °C

Response Time:


1.8 Second


5.9 Seconds

Electrode Material:

Stainless Steel

Electrode Ø:

2.0 mm

Electrode End:

Round / Sharp / Conic

Cable Material:


Cable Dimensions:

Ø 4.0 mm

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