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TrackSense® Frigo - Wireless Data Loggers
for ultra-cold applications

The TrackSense® Frigo low temperature data loggers, consist of stainless steel and have been specially designed for ultra-low applications below -80°C. Due to the large battery, the Frigo Loggers can be used at low temperature for up to 12 months. The data loggers, offering rigid or semiflex sensor, are equipped with an LED light for alerts during the process. Frigo data loggers are ideal for monitoring freezing processes over a long period of time, such as, the storage of biological samples. Temperature measurements range from -90 to +85 °C and down to -196°C when keeping the logger body outside of the process. 


Key Features
  • Designed for ultra-cold applications
  • Large battery for extended time periods
  • LED warning indicator
  • Up to 12 months operation
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