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TrackSense® Lab - Wireless Data Loggers with LED alarm indicators

The line of LAB loggers is ideal for less demanding applications covered by temperature and humidity measurements, which are often found in laboratories. These applications most commonly consist of continuous monitoring of refrigerators, freezers, incubators, stability chambers and storage rooms within the temperature range of -30 to +100°C. The overall design is similar to that of the Pro loggers with separate sensors, but the interchangeability option is limited to only cover other LAB sensors. This means that the real time data SKY option is available for all models, except for the 4-channel logger. Another beneficial feature of LAB loggers is the LED alarm option, which indicates the logger status during each run. This gives a real-time assurance that the product/equipment has maintained the temperature throughout the entire process.

Use the TrackSense® Lab data loggers with:  Sky Module for real-time dataMulti Reader Station for easy readingsValSuite™ Software for analyzing and reporting


Key Features
  • Dedicated for measuring temperature and humidity
  • With LED light to indicate warnings and logger status during the process
  • Ideal for continuous processes
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