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TrackSense® Pro Compact X - Wireless Data Loggers
for simple and continuous processes

The TrackSense® Pro Compact X wireless data loggers are made of durable stainless steel and are ideal for temperature measurements in low temperature applications such as refrigerators or freezers but can also be used for sterilizers and cleaning/disinfecting systems. The Compact X data logger has integrated temperature sensors, making it ideal for simpler processes where there is no need for sensor interchangeability. The data loggers are available in different sensor configurations, with temperature measurements ranging between -50 and +140 °C. Like all other Ellab data loggers, the Compact series work in conjunction with the TrackSense® Multi Reader Station and ValSuite® validation software.

Explore more of the Compact series
For pressure measurements, try the Compact data logger
For extremely low temperature applications, try the Compact UX data logger 


Key Features

  • Easy configuration
  • For simple and continuous processes
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