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What Types of Equipment Requires Temperature Mapping?

Reach-in and walk-in controlled temperature units (CTU) and controlled environmental units (CTE).

Ellab perform Temperature Mapping Service for: Autoclaves, Warehouses, Freezers, Refrigerators, Incubators, Cold Storages and Stability Chambers.

Performing temperature mapping for these units ensures that every point within the defined storage area confidently meet certain acceptance criteria. The temperature mapping is performed over a period of time to ensure that as the systems accurate, the temperature is always within limits and without excursion.

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What to look for when Selecting a Temperature Mapping Contractor

It can sometimes be difficult to decide who provides the best type of temperature mapping services for a specific facility. There are a couple of key points that should be considered when selecting a temperature mapping contractor:

  • Quality of the staff and engineers
  • Quality of the equipment used to perform temperature mapping
  • Time spent preparing and conducting measurements
  • Recognized standing in the industry as manufacturers of temperature mapping equipment
  • Quality and turnaround of the documentation upon completion

We perform temperature mapping service for:








Stability Chambers





Validation Equipment

Data Logger Temperature Mapping System

Things to consider in relation to choosing data loggers are the storage capacity, sampling rate, temperature range, temperature accuracy, physical size, internal vs. external sensor, transmitting vs. non-transmitting and battery life.

Thermocouple Temperature Mapping System

This solutions requires a base unit that the thermocouples can connect to in order to collect data and perform various analyses. The type and quality of thermocouples will have an effect on accuracy. The accuracy of the thermocouples increase or decrease depending on the temperature being mapped.

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Temperature Mapping of Warehouses

Warehouse qualifications that include temperature mapping service, come down to the quantity of sensors and strategic planning for their distribution within the storage area. Each warehouse qualification will require a custom number of sensors for temperature mapping based on the variables for that particular warehouse. Some of the variables to consider include the length, width, height, external facing walls with direct sunlight, insulation, racking layout, HVAC air inlets/outlets, fans, openings such as doors and overhead doors as well as the changes in outside (ambient) season temperatures.

Temperature Mapping / Heat Distribution of Autoclaves and Depyrogenation

For several applications in regulated industries, there is a need to sterilize a variety of items to ensure safety. Two common ways of sterilizing are moist heat steam sterilization and dry heat sterilization, often referred to as depyrogenation. Steam sterilization can be used for a wide range of items, including growth media, antifoam, glassware, unwrapped goods, waste, etc., whereas depyrogenation is often used for items that can handle higher temperatures, such as glass vials, syringes, orthopedic components, surgical rods and staples. Each of these processes requires specific qualifications depending on the type of items and materials being sterilized.

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