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    Purchase Ellab equipment and perform validation studies yourself – anytime, anyplace.

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    Rent Ellab equipment and experience the products before committing to a purchase.

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    On-site Service

    Get on-site validation and qualification service. We have trained and highly skilled validation engineers.

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    Hanwell Pro

    Superior environmental monitoring and control with high accuracy sensors, LCD display and unmatched radio strength that overcomes the most complex obstacles.

    Hanwell Pro is the most complete and high-end environmental monitoring system available today. With its immensely accurate sensors, LCD display and superior radio power, the Hanwell Pro can overcome even the most complicated of obstacles.

    The range of the Hanwell Pro is what sets it apart from any other device, providing a longer range than anything available on the market.

    Complete Environmental Monitoring 24/7

    Whether it is a single- or multiple installations across the world, Hanwell Pro can be scaled to provide full coverage of any facility setup.

    With Hanwell Pro, you can monitor whatever you want, whenever you want and access the alarm functions and data wherever you want.

    No installation requirements are too complicated for Hanwell Pro.

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    Hanwell IceSpy

    Premium, reliable and affordable environmental monitoring with competitive accuracy, cold-chain solutions and radio strength that overcomes most typical applications.

    Hanwell IceSpy delivers a totally flexible wireless monitoring system for multiple measurement options. The technological breakthroughs available in this wireless system can be seen throughout all Hanwell instrumentation and software. Additional IQ and OQ protocols are also available to provide a validation system for healthcare and food environments.

    Hanwell EMS

    The Hanwell EMS software takes environmental monitoring data display to another level. The top-level displays a general overview of site sensor activity, with subsequent levels enabling customisable data groups for individual user requirements. Full data collection with interactive graphs, tables and plan views enable users to slice historical environmental data in multiple ways for more advanced analysis. Hanwell EMS user access levels can be managed through customisable groups. Managing environmental data has never been so easily accessible to so many.

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    Hanwell EMS

    Valsuite-Validation software

    Environmental Monitoring Software - EMS

    The Hanwell environmental monitoring software (EMS) can be used with Hanwell Pro and Hanwell IceSpy hardware to provide a secure and flexible tool for comprehensive data collection, analysis and immediate alarm notification.

    Key Features and Benefits


    User access management and control via simple permissions process


    Easy navigation to alarms, reporting tools and administration areas


    Easy access to historical data


    Allows flexible grouping of sensors to customize views even across multiple sites


    Variety of alarm features available including email and SMS notifications, including mobile app


    Full history of recorded data available for analysis by users at all times

    wireless data logger

    Validatable Software

    Specifically for the pharmaceutical sectors, we provide comprehensive IQ and OQ protocols and custom protocols, where required. Trained engineers and distributors are available for smooth validation protocol execution.

    EMS assists with national regulatory compliance requirements

    GxP Guidelines, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU GMP Annex 11, HACCP, ISO 20387 Biobanking, CAP and ISO 22000 food standards

    Valsuite-Validation software

    Whatever you need:

    • Single or multi-user access for small, medium or large monitoring needs.
    • Share data with users and allocate permissions to various data groups where required.
    • Collect and display data from multiple environmental applications.
    • Display quick overview of sites and/or sensor groups specified by individual users.
    • Access interactive graphs, tables and plan views for detailed data analysis.
    • System validation to organization requirements with full supporting IQ & OQ protocols.

    Whenever it’s needed:

    • View real-time data 24/7.
    • Immediate system, email and SMS alarm notification to user-defined personnel.
    • Generate automated reports or access data immediately and easily via the system.

    Wherever you are:

    • Access critical information on your local PC, via the company intranet or network and via the internet.
    • View and interact with data and settings from anywhere in the world using commercially available browser based formats.

    wireless data logger

    Hanwell EMS Alarms smartphone app for ultimate peace of mind

    Android and iPhone App

    The Hanwell EMS Alarms App is your direct access to Hanwell EMS sites and sensor group data with real-time alarm notification. Immediate alerts, in and out of working hours, for ultimate peace of mind.

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