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TrackSense® LyoPro Wireless Data Logger

The LyoPro data logger is uniquely designed for freeze drying, addressing all the challenges this valuable process has to offer. The data logger itself can be configured to fit the size of the vials in question and comes with several specially designed fittings to ensure trouble-free operation for any vial size. Even if the vials are as small as 2R or as large as 100R – or anything in between.

The thermocouple sensor attached to LyoPro is easily replaceable with a spare, and the very thin tip (0.55 x 0.95 mm) ensures little to no impact on the sample. The complete TrackSense LyoPro data logger can also be user-calibrated, thereby maintaining the industry leading measuring accuracy.

TrackSense LyoPro eliminates data gaps with its high capacity battery and internal memory, providing a complete and trustworthy study from start to finish.

LyoPro can be sterilized at 121 °C for 30 minutes to ensure clean room compliance.

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Real-time Data and Complete Measurements

In addition to its built-in internal memory, LyoPro also comes equipped with live data. With the TrackSense LyoPro Access Point,you get a real-time view of your Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer processes directly to your PC.

If needed, multiple access points can be connected, providing coverage for larger areas. For full data integrity, the proprietary radio frequency transmission protocol ensures data transmissions without loss or gaps in data. In the unusual situation in which the data transmission is stopped, the LyoPro data logger will save the data in its internal memory – and once reconnected continue its transmission.

All the Measuring Points You’ll Need
Covering your entire freezer dryer with the required measurements points is easily achievable with TrackSense LyoPro. While on a wireless live connection, up to 100 data loggers can be run simultaneously in a single study – ensuring that you will never have to split-up your studies or fill in data gaps.

Get Live Data for LyoPro
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Step 1
Start the data loggers with the LyoPro Reader Station and program them using the ValSuite software.
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Step 2
Fit the LyoPro data loggers with the required accessories to fit your size of vial.
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Step 3
Place the data loggers in the process and ensure proper placement on the shelves.
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Step 4
Once the process is complete, place the data loggers back in the reader station and get a complete analysis and report through ValSuite.
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Analyze, Report and Stay Compliant with the ValSuite® Software

Our FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software, ValSuite, ensures the safety of your valuable data. With data integrity at its core, ValSuite provides safety features like audit trails, electronic signatures, advanced access/user management and much more.

The ValSuite Pro provides fully compliant user reports in accordance with current norms and standards related to validation processes and equipment validations. It does so through the top-of-the-line Datapoint Process Report Generator (DPRG) – ensuring you remain completely covered.

Whether you wish to install and operate ValSuite from a single laptop or integrate it into large-scale IT systems, we have the solution for you.

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TrackSense LyoPro’s ‘train concept’ is what truly sets it apart from the rest. While the data loggers themselves are designed to fit the exact size of a standard vial, the specialized accessories made for LyoPro allows the wireless data logger to fit any vial size.


A LyoPro system comes with the following options to ensure a perfect fit and an effortless transition into the process:

  • LoggerNests: The LoggerNests allow you adjust the height of your LyoPro data logger to fit the exact height of your vial
  • Connection Clips: The Clips come in two variants, one for the sample vial and one for the buffer vial, allowing you to keep the LyoPro ‘train’ together and flexible
  • LyoStoppers: Keep your measuring point fixed and repeatable with the LyoStopper for your sample vial
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The LyoPro LoggerNests implement the simplest solution for a complex and common challenge in the Freeze Drying process: Ensuring that measuring equipment can be implemented without having to sacrifice several vials in the process.


To solve this issue, the LoggerNests come in various sizes that fit the exact height and diameter of the vials in question – thereby only taking the spot of 1 large vial or 2 smaller vials. Custom sized vials are no issue either, as custom LoggerNests are available upon request.


The nests are easily applied by ‘clicking’ them to the TrackSense LyoPro data logger, and then inserting them in the process.

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The Clips and BufferClips are used to keep the LyoPro ’train’ together. These clips also keep the train flexible, allowing it to navigate its way through the twists and turns of conveyor belts.


The special BufferClip provides the added benefit of allowing users to include a buffer vial between the LyoPro data logger and the sample vial.

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Accuracy and repeatability are two important aspects of a successful study. To ensure that your valuable data remains trustworthy and comparable, the LyoStopper allows you to hold your measuring point in place through the entire process.


This measuring point can then easily be replicated for a future study using the same LyoStopper.


The thermocouple from the TrackSense LyoPro data logger is simply inserted into the slot and through the PEEK tube before being locked in place.

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Effortlessly Download Your Data

With the TrackSense LyoPro Reader Station you can start/stop your LyoPro data loggers and download the sampling data post process. The reader station is completely maintenance free and can easily be transported between locations.

The plug-and-play module can either be setup to your PC via USB or be connected to a larger network through LAN connection. The backplate of the reader station comes with a small window that displays the IP and MAC addresses, allowing you to differentiate between the various reader station in ValSuite.

The LyoPro Reader Station holds 10 data logger slots fitted with a high-end radiocommunication setup that ensures instantaneous start times and fast uploads.

LyoPro Reader Station

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