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TrackSense® LyoPro Wireless Data Logger

Ellab’s new innovative and patent-pending TrackSense LyoPro is the most versatile solution for temperature mapping and batch control – unmatched in accuracy, performance and reliability.

LyoPro ensures that your freeze dryer functions in accordance with current norms and is making your process development faster and easier. Ultimately providing you with the ideal solution for lyophilization from pilot to production – whether you need to validate your process, perform temperature mapping of the equipment or batch control.

The LyoPro technology offers valuable tools for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry to control, optimize and improve the freeze-drying process – all while ensuring the highest level of accuracy and data integrity.

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Delve into the most important features of Tracksense® LyoPro with our new product video

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Step 1

Start the data loggers with the LyoPro Reader Station and program them using the ValSuite software.

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Step 2

Fit the LyoPro data loggers with the required accessories to fit your size of vial.

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Step 3

Place the data loggers in the process and ensure proper placement on the shelves.

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Step 4

Once the process is complete, place the data loggers back in the reader station and get a complete analysis and report through ValSuite.

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Real-time Data and Complete Measurements

In addition to its built-in internal memory, LyoPro also comes equipped with live data. With the TrackSense LyoPro Access Point,you get a real-time view of your Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer processes directly to your PC.

If needed, multiple access points can be connected, providing coverage for larger areas. For full data integrity, the proprietary radio frequency transmission protocol ensures data transmissions without loss or gaps in data. In the unusual situation in which the data transmission is stopped, the LyoPro data logger will save the data in its internal memory – and once reconnected continue its transmission.

All the Measuring Points You’ll Need
Covering your entire freezer dryer with the required measurements points is easily achievable with TrackSense LyoPro. While on a wireless live connection, up to 100 data loggers can be run simultaneously in a single study – ensuring that you will never have to split-up your studies or fill in data gaps.

Get Live Data for LyoPro
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Analyze, Report and Stay Compliant with the ValSuite® Software

Our FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software, ValSuite, ensures the safety of your valuable data. With data integrity at its core, ValSuite provides safety features like audit trails, electronic signatures, advanced access/user management and much more.

The ValSuite Pro provides fully compliant user reports in accordance with current norms and standards related to validation processes and equipment validations. It does so through the top-of-the-line Datapoint Process Report Generator (DPRG) – ensuring you remain completely covered.

Whether you wish to install and operate ValSuite from a single laptop or integrate it into large-scale IT systems, we have the solution for you.

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Learn more about our specialized solution for Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer applications.

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