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Make Your Process the Best it can be with Wireless Data Loggers

While using the most advanced validation system available today may sound daunting – it’s in reality really easy. The plug-and-play wireless solution allows you to quickly setup and get started. Without having to worry about cables or feed-through systems.

This page describes and represents each critical component of the TrackSense wireless data logger system, providing you with the complete overview.

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Accurately measure important parameters with our state of the art TrackSense Sensors.

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Easily store your data from several studies with our TrackSense data loggers.

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Quickly read and upload data to your PC with our Multi Reader- or Single Reader Stations.

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Analyze your gathered data and generate valuable reports with our ValSuite® validation software.

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Measure Your Data with our Sensors

Before all else, ensuring that the data that you receive is accurate is critical. Reliable sensors are therefore a must for a safe validation/qualification process.

TrackSense sensors are mounted on top of the data loggers, providing highly accurate results that you can rely on. These sensors are split into groups based on their measuring parameter and shape/design.


Temperature Measuring parameters:

  • Pressure
  • Relative Humidity
  • Conductivity
  • Vacuum
  • CO2
  • A combination of parameters
  • Steam Penetration

Sensor types:

  • Internal
  • Rigid (stainless steel)
  • Semi Flexible (stainless steel)
  • SmartFlex (PTFE)
  • Rugged (PTFE/stainless steel)
  • Thermocouple
  • A combination of sensor types

Store Your Data in our Wireless Data Loggers

The data loggers are, as their names may suggest, where all the data is logged and kept. TrackSense data loggers contain a high capacity battery and a large internal memory – ensuring that you have more than enough room to complete your study.

All data loggers consist of durable stainless steel and can withstand temperatures of up to 140 °C (if the sensor/battery allows it) or even 400 °C if the logger is protected. For lower temperatures, some of our sensors can reach as far as -196 °C.

The crown jewel of Ellab’s data loggers is the TrackSense Pro series. The Pro series comes in five different versions: Pro, Pro X, Pro XL, Pro Basic and Pro Basic L, all designed for your specific needs and requirements. The main advantage of the Pro series is the sensor interchangeability. While simpler data loggers are completely attached to their sensors, these advanced loggers allow you to switch and exchange sensors at will.

Other data loggers include our Compact, Compact X and Compact UX series, as well as our Lab, Frigo, Mini and Micro data loggers. In short, a wireless data logger for any occasion to fit whatever requirements that you may have.

Read Your Data With Our Reader Stations

Easily start/stop data loggers and retrieve your valuable data through the TrackSense Multi Reader– and Single Reader Stations. Simply start your data loggers from the station, apply them to the process and read them upon completion.

Our reader stations make it easy for you to safely recover your data post study. Effortlessly reading up to 16 wireless data loggers at a time. Once recovered, our ValSuite software will quickly begin analyzing your gathered data and generate the appropriate reports.

Analyze Your Data with our Validation Software

The ValSuite software is what ties all the pieces together as the main platform for Ellab’s validation and qualification equipment. The software analyzes, presents and reports the gathered data, providing you with a complete overview of various parts of your process.

ValSuite is a powerful tool that defines modern day validation and qualification, especially when combined with TrackSense data loggers. The FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software ensures data integrity and keeps your processes smooth, safe and reliable.

The automatically generated reports can be saved or printed for future use, allowing you to appropriately safeguard your documentation.

Receive Your Data Live from our Real-time Data Module

Most wireless solutions lack the live data that comes with traditional thermocouple systems – but not TrackSense. When live data is a must, Ellab’s wireless data loggers can be equipped with a real-time data module for instant evaluation.

With SKY, you no longer have to wait for a lengthy process to end before you can read your data. The SKY module transmits the data directly to an access point, which then sends it onto your PC – simple and easy.

The compact module can effortlessly be applied to, or removed from, any TrackSense Pro or Lab loggers prior to use.

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Improve Your Process Even Further with Fittings and Accessories

Ellab also offers a wide range of accessories and fittings uniquely designed for your application. With custom fittings for bottles, pouches, vials, cans and much more, we can attach a sensor to any desired measuring point within your process. Whereas our wide range of accessories allow you to place loggers in extreme conditions, measure surface temperatures, safely transport your equipment and more.

Improve your process with equipment that makes your day-to-day easier and saves you resources in the long run.

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