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Ellab Is Saying Farewell to Hanwell Pro and Embracing Next-Gen Continuous Monitoring

Ellab Is Saying Farewell to Hanwell Pro and Embracing Next-Gen Continuous Monitoring

We’re announcing that Ellab will phase out its supply of Hanwell Pro, marking the evolution of 24/7 environmental monitoring.


In the ever-evolving landscape of continuous environmental monitoring, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment of transformation. As we bid farewell to a legacy, Hanwell Pro, we enthusiastically welcome its modern successor, TrackView Pro, ushering in a new era of innovation and efficiency within continuous monitoring – namely, one that keeps your products and data safe non-stop.

Innovating and Investing in the Future

In the pursuit of excellence, Ellab has always been at the forefront of technological advancement. Hanwell Pro, an icon of its time, now takes its bow from center stage. Created in an era where monitoring needs were different, its legacy is one of security and service.

The end of Hanwell Pro marks not just a conclusion but an evolution. As we begin to phase out our supply, we carry forward the wealth of knowledge and experience gained from Hanwell Pro. It has been a cornerstone in our journey, and its legacy is the foundation upon which we build the future of continuous monitoring.

Discontinuation Dates and Support Timeline

To provide a smooth transition, Hanwell Pro will be phased out gradually:

  • As of today, we will stop developing on the Hanwell Pro and EMS system and will no longer be offering it to new customers. Instead, we will be recommending our modern monitoring system.
  • Existing users of Hanwell Pro can continue to expand their setup and acquire the product from us until December the 31st
  • Our commitment to Hanwell Pro users will endure, and we will continue to offer support for the product line until December the 31st 2027 to ensure a seamless transition.

The Future of Monitoring and Environmental Compliance

The time has come to not only focus on cutting-edge technology, but to redefine the meaning of reliability. With the next generation of continuous monitoring, TrackView Pro, data integrity and compliance are at its core. It won’t only be a successor to Hanwell Pro, but a gargantuan lead forward for 24/7 environmental monitoring technology.

In closing this chapter, we express gratitude to the users who made Hanwell Pro an integral part of their monitoring journey. This evolution doesn’t erase the past; instead, it propels us into a future where monitoring can safeguard your products, staff, and data, all in a single cross-site platform. Welcome to the era of TrackView Pro — continuous monitoring for continuous compliance.

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