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Want Sustainable Measuring Equipment? Ellab’s Products are Going Green!

Want Sustainable Measuring Equipment? Ellab’s Products are Going Green!

At Ellab, we’re continuing our green journey. Our CTO, Lars Normand Hansen, lays out how our products are becoming more sustainable than ever.

Laura Hatchard

It’s no easy task to make immensely accurate measuring equipment that must withstand extreme temperatures out of sustainable materials or methods – but it’s one we at Ellab have taken upon ourselves, nonetheless.

There’s an unwritten rule within Ellab: if we can’t provide the same or better quality or value, we don’t do it. So, our roughly 50 developers and engineers are constantly working to create products that are not only sustainable but of equal or greater quality than before.

Building Sustainability Into Development

We strive to create products that the Ellab team can be proud of. By developing equipment that is sustainable, this is achievable. It is great to see our engineers and developers motivated by this and actively participating in our efforts to find alternative materials and production methods.

The goal to create equipment that is not only accurate and reliable, but also has a reduced environmental impact, is a challenge. However, we at Ellab are ready for that test and have started to develop more eco-friendly materials and means of production into our products.

The production process of creating products is undergoing a change. We’re actively working on reducing the use of aluminum in our validation products – to ultimately reduce the amount of metal waste. This change will preserve critical resources for future generations.

We’re committed to recycling. Our belief is that our hardware should be easy to disassemble and recycle – a factor prioritized during R&D (Research & Development). When disassembling products, we can recycle most of the materials.

Making Our Supply-Chain Greener

Most suppliers we use are local, which drastically cuts down on our transportation and logistics emissions.

We’re pushing harder than ever for our suppliers to have sustainable strategies and procedures in place. By supporting local businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, we can reduce the environmental impact of our supply-chain to an absolute minimum.

Reducing Paper Waste

Not only is it important to responsibly source our materials, but we also must reduce our paper usage.

Our team are actively working on a digital solution for IQ/OQ paperwork. This would stop the need for field service staff to print long procedures. Secure digital signatures on a digital platform would allow users to easily sign off their documentation, improving the overall efficiency of the IQ/OQ process.

We’ve also recently entered a partnership with Kneat, who is dedicated to providing efficient and paper-free validation processes. This allows us to save approximately 5.5g of CO2 per piece of paper that isn’t printed.

Commitment to the Science-Based Target

Ellab is focusing on a greener future. To fulfill our commitment to the targets in Scope 1 and 2, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by 42% before 2030. Much of this footprint is related to production. Lars Normand Hansen, our CTO, is tackling this head-on.

We have a lot of things going on, and we are all eager to see how we can move in the direction of net zero carbon.

Lars Hansen, CTO at Ellab

Read more about or sustainability ambitions and agenda in our Sustainability Strategy.

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