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Ellab is Creating a Team Dedicated to a Sustainable Future

Ellab is Creating a Team Dedicated to a Sustainable Future

At Ellab, our sustainable mindset is here to stay.

Thomas W. Flanagan

As our sustainable strategy grows and improves, it’s become clear that we need direct action and experts to guide the way.

To achieve this, Ellab now has its very own Sustainability Department, tasked with ensuring the success of our ambitious strategy to be carbon neutral by 2030.

What is the Sustainability Department’s Mission?

In short, the department’s mission is to lead Ellab towards the goals outlined in our Sustainability Strategy. What that means in practice, however, is rethinking everything Ellab does and how Ellab does it, to see exactly where we can slash emissions and reduce waste.

So how is this done? Well, gradually for starters, by gathering the required data to figure out which areas are the biggest sinners and need to be prioritized. This means analyzing everything from how we develop products and power our sites, to how we vet suppliers and sort waste.

Additionally, to have the biggest effect possible, the department must work with Ellab affiliates all across the globe.

What Sort of Sustainable Initiatives can we Expect?

While the department is new, the plans are already well underway. Scope 1, 2 and 3 are more or less wrapped up, and a handful of sustainable changes are already in place, like:

  • ISO 14001 Environmental management certified production sites
  • Switching to 100% green energy at Ellab HQ
  • Sorting of waste at Ellab HQ to ensure at least 40% of materials are recycled
  • An “Ellab forest” of over 3100 trees has been planted in collaboration with Ellab GmbH


More initiatives are in the pipeline to support Ellab’s sustainable ambitions. These actions will go a long way to steer us towards a greener future.

  • All Ellab cars will be electric and Ellab parking lots will be equipped with power charging stations to support guests and employees with sustainable vehicles
  • We’re aiming to acquire Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC’s) for all Ellab locations across the world to push for more renewable energy
  • We have entered a Science Based Targets initiative project to set a science based emissions reduction target
  • Ellab’s R&D hardware department is actively working on changes to reduce waste in the products that are being manufactured by looking at greener methods and materials
  • Help our suppliers become more CO₂ neutral
  • We want to plant more trees, of course!

So What Does the Sustainability Department Look Like?

Well, currently there’s only one dedicated member at the department (for now!). Stine Bergmann, Ellab’s Sustainability and Environmental Manager may be leading the way forward, but she’s not working alone. Stine is working with members across almost all departments and offices to gather data, plan initiatives and execute on our sustainability strategy.

“The plan is to create a group across sites, where we spar with each other and help each other become even better. The only way we can reach the goal is by helping each other succeed,” said Stine. “ The expectation is that the department grows in step with the awareness and as the plan ahead becomes even clearer.”

With plenty of good ideas for ways to go green and positively influence day-to-day operations, Stine is a driven spokesperson for sustainability at Ellab.

“The area of sustainability is large and has many different branches, each of which does something good for our planet. It’s an exciting future ahead and I look forward to helping create awareness among everyone in Ellab,” said Stine.

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View Ellab’s Sustainability Strategy

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