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TrackSense Lab Wireless Data Logger - Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor

TrackSense Lab Wireless Data Logger - Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor

The TrackSense® Lab data loggers are made of stainless steel and are ideal for monitoring the temperature and humidity in refrigerators / freezers, stability chambers, incubators and storage rooms.

The Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor has a temperature range of 0 to +90 °C with an unmatched accuracy of ± 0.1 °C (in range  10 to +90 °C). The sensor has a relative humidity range of 0 to 100% RH and an accuracy of ± 2% RH (calibrated from 10 to 90%). It can be used for applications within the pharmaceutical industry, and is especially ideal to determine humidity levels during the validation of warehouses, stability chambers and EtO sterilization processes.

Ellab’s data loggers are easy to activate and read by the Multi reader station. When combined with the Sky module, the data loggers can provide real time data via wireless communication. 


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Technical Specifications

Sensor with this logger configuration:

Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor*

RH Measuring Range (0 to +90 °C):

0 - 100% (Calibrated 10-90%)

Measuring Principle:

Capacitance Sensing / Electrical Resistance

Sensor Element:

Capacitance / Pt1000 

RH Accuracy at 25 °C non-condensing (10% to 90%):

± 2%

RH Resolution:

0.10 %

RH Response Time (63% in slowly moving air):

<15 Seconds

Temperature Measuring Range:

0 to +90 °C (Calibrated 10-90 °C)

Temperature Accuracy:

± 0.1 °C

Temperature Resolution:

0.01 °C

Temperature Response Time:


6.5 Seconds


17 Seconds

Logger with this sensor configuration:

Lab 3G

Operating Temperature:

0 to +85 °C

House Material:

316 L Stainless Steel


25 mm


44 mm

Weight With Battery:

48 Grams

Memory Capacity:

120,000 Data Points / 60,000 Samples

Minimum Sample Rate:

1 Second

Maximum Sample Rate:

24 Hours

Maximum Start Delay:

14 Days

Intrinsically Safe:

Not ATEX approved

Time Accuracy:

± 5 Seconds Per 24 Hours


TSP Standard Battery

*Requires ValSuite 5.2 or newer

ValSuite™ Validation Software
ValSuite™ Validation Software

ValSuite™ Pro is an intuitive validation software which collects and presents validation data from all Ellab measuring devices. The software package is designed for Windows 10, 64 Bit. The software is developed according to GAMP principles. ValSuite™ is availabe in four versions:

  • ValSuite™
  • ValSuite™ Medical
  • ValSuite™ Plus
  • ValSuite™ Pro 
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Multi Reader Station for Data Loggers
Multi Reader Station for Data Loggers

The TrackSense Pro Multi Reader Station is engineered with flexibility and speed in mind. The station has 4 positions for loggers and is connected to the PC via USB. By using the USB port, power is supplied directly from your PC reducing the need for an external power source. Starting up and reading loggers can now be performed in seconds. 16 data loggers can be started or read simultaneously, saving time, especially when 160 data loggers have to be started for one study.

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Sky Module for Wireless Communication
Sky Module for Wireless Communication

The Sky module contains all the necessary components for wireless communication between the logger and the Sky Access Point. An external antenna is also available for more difficult transmission environments.

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