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Custom Thermocouple Wires

Ellab is proud to offer thermocouples and accessories for our validation customers. Our thermocouples can be used with any wired validation system if Ellab’s E-Val™ Pro is not being used. Ellab offers thermocouples that are ready-to-use, meaning Ellab welds, tips, labels, steam slices and harnesses the thermocouples based on customer’s needs for immediate use. Ellab can also provide spools of thermocouple wire, tips and labels so thermocouples can be made on-site by customers. Ellab thermocouples are specifically designed for validation and thermal mapping and are the most accurate in the industry. Ellab offers Type T thermocouples that are Ultra-Premium Select Grade and are made from only the purest strands of copper and constantan available.

  • Cut to your specified length
  • Stripped, Welded, Tipped, Labeled & Steam Sliced
  • Ready to plug and play

Ready-to-use Validation Thermocouples

Our ready-to-use validation thermocouples are unequaled in terms of workmanship.  Our welding and tipping process is unique to Ellab, and we provide the most accurate and responsive thermocouples on the market due to these proprietary processes. 

One time purchases are welcome.  If you do not use many validation thermocouples per year we can still be your provider. 

Annual probe purchase program: For larger companies that go through thermocouples more often we can set your company up with an Annual Thermocouple Probe Purchase Program. With one blanket PO you can receive thermocouples all year long at a discounted rate. 

Our general process: Cut the thermocouple to your specific length. Anywhere from 10 feet to 125 feet in length. Strip both ends.
We weld one end in an inert environment leaving a small weld point, no soot or other materials that might affect the thermocouple’s readings. Our tipping process is better than any available on the market today. PTFE (FEP) thermocouples they will be tipped for a longer useful life.

Labelled on both ends with heat shrink number labels

Labelled on both ends with heat shrink number labels:

Steam Sliced: We remove the outer jacket of the thermocouple approximately 3 feet before the end of the thermocouple in order to allow the moisture being pushed up through the thermocouple during autoclave and steam-in-place applications to drip out prior to making its way up to the data logger. 

Validation Thermocouple Rolls

Validation Thermocouple Rolls

  • 1,000ft and 10,000ft rolls available
  • 22awg, 26awg, 28awg PTFE (FEP) Ultra Premium Type T Thermocouple Wire
  • 22awg Kapton Ultra Premium Type T Thermocouple Wire
  • Labels and quick connects also available

Ultra Premium Type T Thermocouples

These Ultra-Premium Type T thermocouples are the most stable and uniform available.  All of our thermocouples are 7 stranded, which means they hold up to the use and abuse of normal validation efforts. 

Two types of coatings for your Type T thermocouple:

PTFE (FEP):  Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene Insulated Ultra-Premium Type T Thermocouples

  • Operating Range:  -200°C to 200°C
  • Operating environments:  Dry and Wet (Steam) Environments
  • Available in:  22awg (Heavy Duty), 26awg (Thin Gauge), and 28awg (Very Thin Gauge)

22awg is the most common thermocouple we provide.  It is the workhorse of the temperature mapping industry and represents 80% of the thermocouples used on a daily basis. Thin gauge is usually only good for thermocouples less than 50 feet in length.  They are fast reacting, and create less of a gap in the door gasket during qualifications of CTUs. 

Kapton Insulated Ultra-Premium Type T Thermocouples

  • Operating Range:  -200°C to 350°C
  • Available in:  22awg

Operating environments:  Dry Environments Only

Typical Applications:
Temperature Mapping and Qualification

Controlled Temperature Units (CTUs)
LN2 Freezers, Mechanical Freezers, Refrigerators, Incubators, Shaker Incubators, Stability Chambers, Rooms and Warehouses

Autoclaves, Steam-In-Place (SIP), Depyrogenation Ovens (Depyro Ovens)

Process Ovens, Production Ovens, Vacuum Ovens

(Application Note:  request PTFE without tip material to get the tip closer to the shelf)

Shipping Containers

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