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Validation, Qualification, Calibration and Rental Services
Validation, Qualification, Calibration and Rental Services

- Turn-key and supplemental solutions

If you need help with a validation project, require calibration or a few more data loggers for a study – Ellab’s services stand ready with complete or partial solutions for any case.



Calibrated equipment is highly essential for an accurate and reliable validation process, this is why Ellab offers both Factory and On-Site calibration services. 

Factory Calibration - DANAK Upon Request

Most of Ellab’s equipment is factory calibrated before being shipped to users, ensuring state of the art sensor accuracies. In order to ensure that equipment remains accurate, Ellab also offers yearly factory calibrations. Each factory calibration comes with a calibration certificate, or an accredited calibration certificate for the accredited calibration option, which offers additional sensor checks and uncertainty documentation. Read more about Ellab’s Factory Calibrations.

On-Site Calibration

To reduce the process downtime caused by having to calibrate equipment, Ellab provides time saving On-Site calibrations. These calibrations conform with standards and are fully reproducible and traceable. Read more about the On-Site Calibration solution.


Validation and Rentals

In addition to offering products for purchase, Ellab also provides Qualification, Validation and Rental options, which ensures that both large and small companies can safely continue their processes and projects.

Qualification and Validation Services

In need of an extra set of hands or require specialized expertise for an unexpected or large project? Ellab’s qualification and validation services cover all aspects of IQ/OQ installations, performance qualifications, on-site validations and more, providing fully documented and standard compliant services. Read more about Ellab’s Qualification and Validation services.

*Only available in certain countries.


Ellab offers complete turn-key validation equipment rentals, which is the ideal supplemental solution for performing uncommon/rarely occurring processes that require a different sort of additional equipment. Ellab can also provide a complete set of validation equipment and software for a wide range of different applications. Read more about Ellab’s Rental service.


Ellab Academy

The Ellab Academy is a unique opportunity to learn and experience hands-on training on how to use Ellab equipment within different processes. The academy is available in several countries, difficulty levels, languages and even have industry specific courses. These courses are perfect learning/networking experiences that allow users from all around the world to share their own tips, tricks, questions and experiences. Read more or sign up to an Ellab Academy here.


Ellab Academy
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