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For 134 °C tests

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Eliminates guesswork and
provides an objective result

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ISO 11140-4 Compliant

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Electronic Bowie Dick Test

The Bowie Dick test, also referred to as an air removal test or steam penetration test, is used for daily routine control of steam sterilizers (autoclaves) to verify that they perform in accordance with ISO 17665.

A safe and reliable test is important to use, as proper air removal is crucial for the performance of the steam sterilizer. Any air left in the sterilizer can impact how the steam penetrates the load and thereby the sterilization of the instruments. The Bowie Dick test is commonly used in Central Sterile Services Departments (CSSD) as part of the daily morning routine before releasing the steam sterilizer for use.


Peace of mind with SteriSense

SteriSense is a brand new and innovative Electronic Bowie Dick Test (air removal test) that is unmatched in accuracy, performance and reliability. Our Bowie Dick test provides far more insight into critical sterilization parameters than previously possible, ensuring patient safety. Unlike traditional chemical indicators, where you subjectively decide according to a change in color, SteriSense also offers an accurate report that eliminates any guess work.

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Key Features and Benefits


Uniquely designed for 134 °C tests


Accurate, reliable and cost efficient


Very compact size


User-friendly and intuitive software


Eliminates guesswork and provides an objective result


Replaceable PCD to run several cycles in a sequence


Verification of critical sterilization parameters

SteriSense Sensor

ISO Standard Compliance:

11140-4:2007 type B1, B2 and B3 at 134 °C

3rd Party Test Institute:


Type of Sterilizers:

Steam Sterilizers / Autoclaves qualified for sterilization at +134 °C according to EN 285 (volume larger than 60 L) and EN ISO 17665 (moist heat autoclaves)

Measuring Principle:

Piezoresistive / Electrical Resistance

Sensor Type:

Strain Gauge / Pt1000

Temperature Measuring Range:

0 to +140 °C (Calibrated +25 to +140 °C)

Temperature Accuracy: +25 to +140 °C:

± 0.05 °C

Pressure Measuring Range:

10 mBar to 6 Bar


± 0.25% Full Scale (± 15 mBar)

SteriSense Logger and PCD

Logger Housing Material:

316L Stainless Steel

PCD Housing Material:


Operating Temperature:

-20 to +150 °C

Operating Pressure:

0.001 mBar to 10 Bar ABS


125 mm including PCD (30 mm)

Weight with Battery:

240 g

Memory Capacity:

40,000 Data Points / 10,000 Samples

Minimum Sample Rate:

1 Second

Maximum Sample Rate:

24 Hours

Intrinsically Safe:

Ex II1GD ia IIC T3 Ga, -55 °C ≤ Tamb ≤ +105 °C

Time Accuracy:

± 5 Seconds per 24 Hours


TSP 150L Battery

Expected Battery Lifetime:

1,000 Tests / 500 Hours (at +134 °C with Sample Rate of 1 Sec)

Please Note: If equipment is used in ATEX environment, special conditions for safe use stated in ATEX certificates section 17 must be considered.

The ValSuite® Software

SteriSense is extremely easy to use and requires only little training to operate. With just a single click in the software, the SteriSense measuring device will start to measure and record data. Once the Bowie Dick Test Program has ended, the device is simply placed back in the reader station where the software automatically processes the data and provides a test result.

All test results are saved electronically and can be presented in accessible reports with audit trails – simple and easy!

When compared to traditional methods, the SteriSense provides far more insight into critical sterilization parameters than previously possible. The standard report showcases all the results from the optional ‘checks’ performed by the software. When using the standard settings, a routine control test will be performed in accordance with EN ISO 17665.

SteriSense has been tested by a 3rd party certified test institute to comply with the reference method originally developed by Dr. J. Bowie and J. Dick, using a test procedure described in EN ISO 11140-4.

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