Ellab is introducing the next generation wired data acquisition system for thermal validation

The new E-Val Pro allows for easier access to controlled environments due to its compact size and light weight. Its flexible configuration can handle up to 40 channels per module. The large internal memory is capable of holding up to 10 studies.



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With the new unique TrackSense® Pro Vacuum Sensor it is possible to measure vacuum from 0.0001 mBar.

The vacuum sensor is ideal for lyophilization. 



FDA compliant alternative to mercury-in-glass thermometers. 

Ellab Temperature Indicator is a high quality digital temperature-indicating device designed for displaying and documenting the processing temperature in retorts.  





The traceable Ellab Temperature Standard allows for extremely accurate temperature measurements by converting resistance into temperature using its built-in algorithms.



The high performance calibration system for every need.

LiquiCal™ is a range of high performance liquid baths used for high precision temperature calibrations.



Ellab provides calibration services from our own metrology labs. The Ellab metrology lab facilites are among the finest in the industry since Ellab believes the starting point for any measurement is to have a reproducible and highly precise standard.

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TrackSense® Pro rugged flexible sensor

A new rugged PTFE steel...

E-Val Pro

E-Val Pro, the next generation wired data acquisition system for therm...
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  • Introducing the new E-VAL PRO Ellab is introducing the next generation wired data acquisition system for thermal validation
  • Join us at ELLAB ACADEMY Join the Ellab Academy training course, and get most out of our ValSuite™ Software. Sign up now and become a validation expert at our next training course!
  • Complete Validation with VALSUITE™ APP Viewing data in the app of the ValSuite™ Pro software enables users to have an overview of the process anytime and anywhere.
  • WE DELIVER VALIDATION Since the late 1940's Ellab A/S has been a leading manufacturer of complete Thermal Validation Solutions for food and pharmaceutical industries and other industries where thermal processing involves safety, energy savings, improvement of quality, optimization and where accurate and complete documentation is essential.
  • DATA LOGGER TRACKSENSE® PRO SKY The TrackSense® Pro loggers are designed to operate under extreme conditions without ever losing valuable data. They can tolerate temperatures from -80 °C to 150 °C and can withstand pressure up to 10 bar fully immersed. The non volatile memory stores up to 60,000 data points.
  • REAL TIME WIRELESS DATALOGGING LYOPHILIZATION Temperature measurements are recorded with every cycle to determine when the product is dry. Using wireless data loggers eliminates the need for thermocouples and feed throughs, thus avoiding possible leaks and saving valuable time during installation and set up.