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Pfizer Biotech – Case Study

Pfizer is a research-based, global biopharmaceutical company. They apply science and global resources to provide treatment for people in order to extend and improve their lives significantly. Their goal is to develop ground-breaking medicine on their mission to be a leading, innovative biopharmaceutical company.

Finding the Optimal Solution

Pfizer's global portfolio includes medicines in a wide range of therapeutic areas, including the world’s best-known healthcare products, as well as vaccines and biosimilars that have the potential to save lives, prevent disease and improve patient health and well-being.

For a company like Pfizer who strive to set the standard for quality, safety and value through the discovery development and production of healthcare products, living up to the various regulations and requirements is of utmost importance. Which is why Pfizer Belgium has always used validation equipment that is ideal for complying with regulations when validating their autoclaves, SIP systems, depyrogenation tunnels, ovens, cold rooms, incubators, defrosting baths and VHP applications. However, the maintenance and support of their existing validation equipment would eventually be ceased - given Pfizer Belgium enough reason to explore a new long-term partner to see to their validation needs.

“A validation system that meets current standards with a strong focus on data integrity”; that was what Stijn Verherstraeten, Validation Project Engineer at Pfizer Belgium, was looking for. After a quick web search, they came across the E-Val™ Pro thermocouple system from Ellab.

Stijn Verherstraeten

We are very satisfied with the flexibility and support we received from Ellab. The project was changed several times during the entire process, but we never experienced any issues.

Stijn Verherstraeten Sterilization Validation Engineer (SMC)
Pfizer Manufacturing Belgium NV

Executing the Demo

It was essential for Pfizer that a good demonstration and intuitive guidance were provided for the E-Val Pro thermocouple system – luckily, they were highly impressed by the service they received.

“It was the whole setup that convinced us after a single week of the two week demo” Verherstraeten said.

Verherstraeten highlighted the role that Ellab’s support and service had played in providing the optimal solution; stating that they immediately felt that there was a willingness to implement and address their needs.

“We Were Blown Away by the Possibilities”

Stijn Verherstraeten also expressed what he felt was the main advantage of working with Ellab systems – namely, the quick reporting in the ValSuite® Pro software, which allowed him to submit the necessary information in less then half an hour. This was a major advantage when compared to his old method of having to manually process the data by spending several hours working in Excel. His wish to bring data integrity to the highest level was also fulfilled with the use of ValSuite and its protected database.

“After the demo, we were blown away by the possibilities of the software and the user-friendliness of the hardware” Verherstraeten said.

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You Really get the ‘Customer is King’ Feeling

You Really get the ‘Customer is King’ Feeling

All in all, Pfizer were very satisfied with the flexibility and support from Ellab, never experiencing any discussions or delay in regard to their orders and quotations according to Stijn Verherstraeten. Their new and improved setup will surely help them continue their processes smoothly, and ensure that their medicine, vaccines and healthcare products remain perfectly safe for use.

“Ellab Benelux has always been available for support and have taken an interest in our challenges. I have never felt that I was doing business, but rather that I was sparring with trustworthy validation experts” Verherstraeten stated. “You really get the ‘customer is King’ feeling.

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Company Size: Enterprise
Location: Belgium

In this Case we Used...

E-Val Pro Thermocouple System ValSuite Validation Software Customer Support
E-Val Pro Thermocouple System
E-Val™ Pro Thermocouple System

E-Val Pro, the highly modern solution for cable-based validation was critical for Pfizer. Its user-friendly interface, graphical display and intuitive features made it relatively easy to get acquainted with the controls. As a model that can do everything traditional methods can, but with additional features and benefits, the E-Val Pro was the optimal choice.

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ValSuite Validation Software
ValSuite® Validation Software

The abundance of features and report options made ValSuite Pro the ideal solution for a large pharmaceutical company like Pfizer. The live data and rapid reporting proved to be essential, as it cut their post-validation process from 2-4 hours down to less than half an hour – allowing Pfizer to quickly assess whether additional validations were required or not.

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Customer Support
Customer Support

Most importantly of all for Pfizer, was the support. The pharmaceutical company received a 2-week demo with 2-3 Ellab employees assisting them in the beginning, allowing them to properly test the equipment’s capabilities. The flexibility and accessibility provided by Ellab Benelux allowed Pfizer to steadily ease into their new system.

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