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How to Secure Your Biobank Storage and Supply Chain

How to Secure Your Biobank Storage and Supply Chain

The eBook on how you can stay compliant and in control of your biobank storage and supply chain.

Thomas W. Flanagan

Why Validate and Monitor CTU/TCU’s and the Supply Chain Specifically?

When working with sensitive biological samples, control is everything. In this case, we’re talking about controlling the temperature to keep samples from deteriorating. Now, the only way to ensure that you have control, is by validating and monitoring the storage in which they’re kept and the means of which they’re being transported by.

By performing thermal validation and continuous monitoring of these processes, you have the necessary data, reports and alerts to ensure compliance. When done right, you can feel confident that your biological samples are safe to use after prolonged time in storage, and that they’re intact and viable after being transported.

To validate these processes, we recommend using wireless data loggers, whilst continuous monitoring should be setup using an environmental monitoring system.

The Ellab Biobank Storage and Supply Chain eBook

Ellab’s Biobank eBook explores everything you need to safely store and transport biological samples and products. The eBook covers:

  • Validation of your control temperature units/temperature control units (CTU/TCU’s)
  • The importance of continuous environmental monitoring of cold storage and supply chain
  • Appropriate validation and monitoring equipment for cold storage and supply chain
  • How to minimize negative effects caused by external conditions
  • Staying compliant with quality assurance and external audits
  • Finding qualified experts for temperature mapping
  • How we can help you ensure sample integrity

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