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Unlocking Innovation: LyoPro Receives Patent as a Leading Lyophilization Validation Solution!

Unlocking Innovation: LyoPro Receives Patent as a Leading Lyophilization Validation Solution!

LyoPro, our solution for freeze-dryer validation, has been granted official patents.

Laura Hatchard

Losing a product batch due to variations in freeze-drying can be costly in terms of wasted time and money. Our goal is to provide solutions that ensure smooth operations and compliance, allowing you to focus on delivering life-changing treatments.

With this in mind, we’ve developed LyoPro, a specially designed data logger for biotech and pharmaceutical lyophilization validation, which you can use to validate and optimize your processes, perform temperature mapping, and ensure precise batch control.

We’re thrilled to announce that LyoPro has been granted two official patents in the US and Europe, solidifying its status as the only solution of its kind on the market. The patents concerning the Lyo logger are US11340015B2, granted on 24th May 2022, effective in the US, and EP3742095B1, granted on 7th June 2023, effective in Europe. A second patent concerning the LyoStopper device is still pending in US and Europe (US2020/0101188A1 and EP3948128A1). These patents safeguard the unique features and effectiveness of LyoPro, so you can trust in its exceptional performance.

Enhancing Your Lyophilization Process With Smarter Efficiency

With LyoPro, you can set up and get started in no time, thanks to its cable-free and easy-to-use design. There’s no need for external cables and feed through, so you can focus on what matters most – your work.

You can achieve greater automation and increased productivity without the need for constant operator interactions. While full automation, including automatic loading with data loggers, does require some modifications to your freeze dryer’s loading settings, it empowers the loader to handle the task efficiently.

LyoPro also comes with a convenient data access feature, allowing you to access live and historical data with ease. This removes the risk of data gaps, and makes troubleshooting and diagnostics quick and effortless, which is especially handy for maintaining audit trail documentation.

We’ve included pre-defined reports that are user-friendly and can be easily configured to suit your specific requirements. This means less time spent on generating reports and more time for essential tasks.

One Data Logger for All Vial Sizes

We know how tricky it can be to monitor temperature in small vials during lyophilization, and that’s why we’ve created LyoPro with this challenge in mind. Our thermocouple sensors have flexible fittings, which means they fit perfectly on any vial size. You can position them just right to get accurate temperature readings consistently.

When it comes to data logging, you can rely on our loggers for their trustworthy memory functionality. They fully comply with FDA regulations, ensuring data integrity you can count on. Plus, the ultra-thin thermocouple sensor used in our loggers won’t disturb your precious samples during measurements. This guarantees highly reliable data and minimizes any product loss.

In the biopharmaceutical industry, where lyophilization is becoming more important, the integrity of each vial is critical. It holds life-saving drugs and significant financial value. We know how important accuracy is in this field and with LyoPro you can achieve consistent, accurate, and repeatable results effortlessly.

You can trust LyoPro’s innovative features and proven effectiveness, backed by our granted patents. Join satisfied companies worldwide who partner with Ellab for all their lyophilization needs.

Level up your freeze-drying with TrackSense LyoPro!

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