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More Than 99% of Ellab’s Global Energy Consumption is Now Green

More Than 99% of Ellab’s Global Energy Consumption is Now Green

The vast majority of Ellab’s global energy consumption is officially green and clean!

Thomas W. Flanagan

While Ellab’s production sites in Denmark and the UK have been running on 100% green energy for a while, there was still room for us to improve. We did that recently by expanding the initiative to our sales, service and support offices around the world.

Now, just under 100% of the energy Ellab consumes on a global scale is certified green. This was done through various means, like installing solar panels or switching to other forms of clean energy. And for all offices where direct change wasn’t feasible, we have officially acquired Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) to support our green agenda.

What are EACs?

Energy Attribute Certificates, also known as Guarantees of Origin (GOs) in Europe, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in North America and International RECs (I-RECs) in Asia, are simply put proof that the energy a home or company purchased, comes from green sources.

And how exactly do they do that? Well, as energy is produced from fossil fuels, natural gases and nuclear or green sources like wind, water or solar, it’s all added to the energy grid. Luckily, the exact amount of green energy released to this grid is known, which in turn allows companies or individuals to purchase a chunk of that clean energy. And it is through this process that one can acquire EACs.

How is Purchasing EACs Beneficial to the Planet?

As there’s only a finite amount of energy that is certified green in any grid, demand can easily stretch. By purchasing EACs Ellab supports the investment in green energy and helps increase the demand for more – while simultaneously ceasing support of unsustainable sources of energy.

An added benefit of areas with a high interest in purchasing certified clean energy is the signal they send to energy companies. Highlighting exactly where further investment in green sources of energy might be mutually beneficial.

So why not go 100% Green?

As we are sure you already know, Ellab is aiming for 100% green energy. But, as with many other things, it wasn’t as straightforward as we had hoped. We still have a single office that needs to be addressed in order to fully support our green agenda. An effort that we are working towards to reach that sweet spot of 100% green energy globally.

Ellab’s Sustainability Initiative

We are continuously committed to a cleaner future and aim to do our part to reach zero net carbon. Several improvements have already been made from car charging stations and employee recycling to planting an Ellab forest and internal bike/walk-to-work initiatives – with much more to come.

Read more about our sustainability ambitions and agenda in our Sustainability Strategy.

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View Ellab’s Sustainability Strategy

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