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Understand Temperature Mapping and Why It’s Important to You

Understand Temperature Mapping and Why It’s Important to You

Temperature mapping measures the temperature in an area that needs to be controlled like a fridge, freezer or warehouse.

Laura Hatchard

Temperature mapping measures the temperature in an area that needs to be controlled, like a fridge, freezer, or warehouse. By measuring multiple points over time, it identifies any temperature differences, in a defined area, to ensure the safety of the products being stored or processed. The data is then analyzed to make sure it meets set tolerances.

To keep your products safe, it’s crucial to store them in specific conditions with controlled temperatures. Temperature mapping services help maintain these conditions. In other processes such as sterilization, it’s important to hold a specific temperature for a certain time to achieve the necessary result.

Ensuring Product Safety for Regulated Industries

Temperature mapping is important if you are in a regulated industry such as biotech, pharmaceuticals, or healthcare. You may be required to comply with accreditation processes or regulation guidelines to ensure your product safety. Even well-designed storage areas can have temperature fluctuations that affect products, and it is important to identify these. Controlled products need testing and documentation based on your company’s risk assessment, which considers the product sensitivity to temperature and its impact.

When Should I Carry Out Temperature Mapping?

Knowing when to perform temperature mapping is important to ensure that temperature-sensitive products are stored and transported safely. Common situations when temperature mapping is necessary:

  1. Qualification of new equipment – When critical equipment is installed, it goes through a standard qualification process to ensure that it functions as expected. Temperature mapping is included in this process.
  2. Repaired equipment – When a unit is repaired, it should be tested to make sure that it functions correctly.
  3. Relocated equipment – The relocation of equipment can significantly affect its performance. Temperature mapping is encouraged when the equipment is in its new location.
  4. Periodic re-qualification – Sterilization instruments, such as autoclaves, require a re-qualification cycle of at least once a year. For storage areas, the frequency of re-qualification can vary depending on the type of storage, from twice a year to up to five years.
  5. Testing based on external conditions – Storage areas such as warehouses can be affected by external conditions, particularly in extreme seasons. Seasonal mapping like winter warehouse mapping and summer warehouse mapping can help ensure that products are stored safely all year round.


Which Equipment Needs to be Mapped?

Equipment that stores temperature-sensitive items such as freezers, refrigerators, incubators, and stability chambers require temperature mapping. This ensures that every point in the storage area is in the accepted temperature range – suitable for storing your valuable products.

If you store products in warehouses, these also require temperature mapping. By strategically placing sensors throughout the storage area, you can ensure that the temperature is consistent and within acceptable limits.

For anyone working with steam sterilization, temperature mapping is required to validate this process. Mapping in this instance, checks that the right temperature is reached in the autoclave to make sure the items being sterilized are safe to use.

Choosing a Temperature Mapping Contractor

When choosing someone to do temperature mapping for you, you need to think about the quality of their staff and equipment, how long it takes to do the work, and if they’re well-known in the industry. Ellab can do everything you need with their flexible service, which includes equipment, protocols, engineers, and a summary report, as well as options for validation equipment rentals or purchase.


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