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Want to Optimize the Efficiency of Your Freezer Validation?

Want to Optimize the Efficiency of Your Freezer Validation?

Get reliable, stable, and repeatable measurements when validating freezers at ultra-low temperatures

Thomas W. Flanagan

When validating your ultra-low freezers and storage areas, reliably measuring the temperature long-term can prove a challenge. Once you get to -90°C, many batteries and electronics have a risk of freezing out on you – leaving you with only partial data, like a few pieces of an incomplete puzzle.

Having to re-execute lengthy validation studies is far from optimal, yet getting the complete overview is crucial for compliance and consumer safety. Luckily, there’s a way to optimize your processes to give you all the data you need to complete the puzzle – and even a tool that solves it for you.

All the Data You Need to Succeed

The first step to completing any puzzle is to have all the pieces. For validating ultra-low freezers, that means reliably acquiring temperature measurements without any gaps. And seeing as measuring down to -90°C environments can be such a challenge, you’ll need data loggers specifically designed for the purpose.

That means wireless data loggers that are:

  • Equipped with batteries and electronics that can survive extremely cold conditions
  • Stable and reliable measurements, even over lengthy validation studies
  • Able to indicate the logger status with LED lights, allowing you to know if your freezer data loggers are on, off, low on battery, or measuring beyond their predefined range
  • Easily mountable and compact to fit into tight spaces in any freezer

In short, wireless data loggers like TrackSense® Frigo that will not freeze out on you.

The Ultimate All-in-one Software Tool for Freezer Mapping and Validation

The second step is naturally to complete the puzzle, which can be a manual and time-consuming task. When performing CTU/TCU temperature mappings, dynamic testing, and validations, everything around that process matters. This includes setting up, performing advanced analysis and reporting, and managing data and users across sites and studies. All these activities can be automatically supported in a safe, time-efficient, and compliant manner with the right validation software tool.

Become more time-efficient and optimize best practices with validation software that:

  • Easily retrieves data from studies and ensures that data integrity is maintained
  • Allows analysis and configurable reporting of virtually any freezer temperature mapping and validation – regardless of how simple or advanced they are
  • Offers an unlimited number of simultaneous sessions to run for maximum efficiency
  • Allows you to program your freezer data loggers for repeat studies with prepopulated pass/fail reports and predefined settings for sample rates and start/end time
  • Analyzes your data and lets you view it in tables, graphs, or even heat maps
  • Is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

With a flexible and customizable single-source software like ValSuite® Pro, you can fully optimize your validation of freezers and other CTUs/TCUs.

Ensure Reliable Measurements with Calibrations

Finally, we have quality control. Receiving and analyzing data is great, but only if it is reliable. Calibrations are crucial to ensuring that your validations are accurate. Without it, your data becomes unverifiable, and the quality of your product can come into question. Fortunately, there are calibration options that can help you achieve certainty:

All calibrations are certified, documented, and traceable to their individual sensor for complete compliance and control.

Solving Your CTU/TCU Validation Puzzle

With all the pieces in place, a smart system to solve the puzzle for you, and a regular process to control quality, validating your freezers will be more time-efficient and reliable than ever. You can rest easy knowing that your hardware is durable at ultra-low temperatures, your software helps you meet your deadlines, and your calibration processes ensure verifiable data. Start your journey towards an optimized validation process today.

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