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ValSuite™ Validation Software

ValSuite™ Validation Software

ValSuite™ Pro is an intuitive validation software which collects and presents validation data from all Ellab measuring devices. The software package is designed for Windows 10, 64 Bit. The software is developed according to GAMP principles. ValSuite™ is availabe in four generic versions:

  • ValSuite™
  • ValSuite™ Medical
  • ValSuite™ Plus
  • ValSuite™ Pro 

The ValSuite™ Pro version has all features and all reports and is fully validated and compliant with 21 CFR, Part 11. Full IQ/OQ documentation and validation services are available from Ellab. 

The software is currently available in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. 

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CheckMark ValSuite  The ValSuite™ Software Data Integrity is approved by the independent auditor, Quality Compliance Partners Inc.

ValSuite™ Pro Main Features

  • One software for both TrackSense® Pro loggers and E-Val™ Pro wired systems.
  • Can be run from a stand alone PC or a server/Citrix solution. Network security can be applied.
  • Full synchronization of all data meaning no “phantom” values in reports.
  • Up to 160 channels in one session. 
  • Switch between multiple languages.
  • Drivers for calibration equipment. 


Reporting Options

  • Sample validation reports:

    Lethality Report, Limit Report, Statistics Report, Adv. Phase Statistics Report, Calibration Report, Autoclave Validation, Washer Disinfection Validation, MKT Report, Combined Uncertainty Report, Leak Test Report, Advanced Validation Report and Dew Point Calculation. 
  • Printed or PDF format.
  • Comment field and Word document attachment.
  • Heat Factors / Ball Simulation.
  • 3D Heat Map.
Additional Features for ValSuite™

Additional Features for ValSuite™

Detailed Test Setup 
Report function allows detailed test criteria to be programmed in the software by the operator. Information on sensor placement, operator, test, vessel, required temperature limits, start and stop time, monitoring interval and specific calculations can all be repeated. This ensures accurate documentation and correct implementation of required procedures for consistent repeatable tests.

Monitoring Features 
ValSuite™ Pro software also offers several monitoring type features such as on screen statistical calculations, limit alarms, alarms over internet and notification via e-mail services. Further to this, a “transport logger” function makes it possible to start and read the logger from two different databases / PC’s thus allowing the logger to be used to monitor parameters during transportation over long distances.

Software Data Analysis Features ​
Data analysis tools greatly reduce the time needed to find critical data. The ability to zoom graphically and display multiple windows at once simplifies identifying important data. Multiple calculations such as min/max, standard deviation, average, deltaT and lethality can be calculated on any block of data displayed eliminating the need to export data thus improving data security. ValSuite™ Pro collects and presents validation data from both E-Val™ Pro and TrackSense® Pro data logging systems. The data from both systems can be presented and analyzed in the same session. The system can run up to 128 channels which can be identified and displayed in different groups such as penetration and distribution. Any grouping or specific channels can be displayed in a separate data block and analyzed. It is also possible to merge individual sessions and run analysis for comparison purposes.

Detailed Control of Validation Studies​
The ValSuite™ Pro software documents and guides you through the complete thermal validation process. The database structure in the software enables complete documentation and procedural control for the operators.

Watch the ValSuite™ Video with:

• Metro style Desktop with pdf reports
• TrackSense Pro Skylogger
• ValSuite™ App
• IP address for tablets
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