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Ellab to Optimize its Manufacturing Footprint: Decides to Close Letchworth Site

Ellab to Optimize its Manufacturing Footprint: Decides to Close Letchworth Site

We are consolidating our teams and efforts to bring you the future of continuous monitoring.


As part of Ellab’s journey towards becoming the leading continuous monitoring provider and being more sustainable, we have decided to consolidate our manufacturing under one roof. By fully merging what was once Hanwell with Ellab, we aim to take continuous monitoring, data integrity, and compliance to the next level.

What Does This Mean?

This means that we have decided to close the site in Letchworth, England. The production of our continuous monitoring solutions will therefore move to our headquarters in Denmark.

While this unfortunately means that we have to say goodbye to some dear colleagues. We have had an open and transparent consultation process with the affected colleagues, and while having concluded this process, we have also launched several initiatives to help them secure alternative employment opportunities in their local areas. We would like to thank all the affected employees for their professionalism and their dedication to secure a good handover to their colleagues in Denmark.

The closure will be completed by end of Q1 2024. The Letchworth site was part of the Hanwell acquisition in June 2019.

Why Did We Make This Decision?

The choice to close the Letchworth site was threefold:

  1. We wish to consolidate our efforts and teams to deliver even higher quality and timely products than ever. This will allow us to supercharge our investments and innovations in continuous monitoring, so we can stay the best at providing data integrity and compliance.
  2. We have been expanding our office and manufacturing size at our headquarters, which means that we have the capacity to include monitoring in our production and ensure excellent service.
  3. We can reduce our manufacturing footprint by bringing the production together and streamline our procedures and shipping.

CEO of Ellab A/S, Ludvig Enlund commented:

“Our decision to close a site is never taken lightly, and we do not underestimate the impact of this announcement on our colleagues and the local communities within which we operate. We are committed to everything we can to support our people through this difficult time.

However, we are confident that our production knowledge and expertise at our production site in Denmark can fully service our global monitoring customers, near- and long-term, as we continue to invest in our monitoring solutions portfolio.”

For further information, please contact:

Jan Fledelius
Vice President, Global HR & Communications

Phone: +45 42460200

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