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Validation, Calibration and Monitoring Solutions
Validation, Calibration and Monitoring Solutions

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Ellab offers a wide range of complete solutions for various validation, calibration and monitoring applications. Providing you with the best the industry has to offer.


Wireless Data Loggers

For wireless data loggers, Ellab offers the TrackSense® Pro series, which is a wide range of different data loggers designed for various applications and processes. Wireless data loggers are ideal for situations that involve sealed off areas or require additional measuring parameters. In addition to this, these loggers are equipped with interchangeable sensors, meaning that sensors can easily be switched and replaced on the go. Ellab also offers a SKY option, which allows users to equip loggers with a real time data communication module for viewing live data within the validation software. Read more about the TrackSense Pro data loggers.

Wired Thermocouple System

The thermocouple system that Ellab offers, is a state of the art, compact module by the name of E-Val™ Pro. This system is simple to use and complies with FDA guidelines as well as GMP standards. The E-Val Pro is a fitting solution for any thermal validation process, with its 40-channel sensor array, internal memory, cold junction compensation, calibration constants and many more features. Read more about the E-Val Pro thermocouple system.


ValSuite® Software

ValSuite® is Ellab’s highly regarded validation and calibration software. This intuitive programme combines all Ellab’s equipment into a single solution, opening the door to a vast amount of new possibilities by allowing users to combine data loggers with the traditional thermocouple systems. The software is available in several versions to fit every need, most notably the ValSuite Pro version, which is fully FDA 21 CFR, part 11 compliant and Data Integrity approved. ValSuite offers features like customized reports with clear pass/fail criteria, test setups, data analysis, monitoring, live data and much more.

In addition to the desktop version of ValSuite, Ellab also offers a ValSuite app that allows users to freely view their ongoing sessions or completed validation reports.


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Temperature and Pressure Calibration

Ellab’s selection of calibration solutions cover all needs for local temperature and pressure calibrations. Through Dry Blocks, Calibrations Baths and Reference Instruments, users can calibrate their own temperature sensors within their respective facilities, documenting and gaining full traceability in the process. By ensuring that equipment is fully and repeatedly calibrated, measuring devices will provide far more reliable data, which establishes the security and quality of the products being produces.

These calibration systems also work in conjunction with the ValSuite software, offering a complete solution for a more efficient and valid process. This process saves operators a lot of time, as the automatic execution feature results in the calibration to no longer requires manual interference.

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Ellab Temperature Indicator (ETI)

The Ellab Temperature Indicator, or ETI, is a high quality digital temperature-indicating device designed for displaying and documenting the processing temperature in retorts and other chambers. The ETI is FDA 21 CFR, part 113 compliant and ideal for thermal processes involving low-acid canned foods. The stainless-steel sensor, digital display and documenting features result in a great alternative for mercury-in-glass thermometer, as it eliminates any potential source of mercury contamination. The ETI is available in different versions, offering both temperature, dual temperature and pressure measurements. These sensors are all interchangeable and pre-calibrated for plug and play use. The temperature indicator can also be connected to a PC, which provides data gathering and analysis, and offers external alarm functions that notifies operators of any errors or temperature/pressure deviations.

Just like Ellab’s other equipment, the ETI can be connected to ValSuite and in this case, also ETISuite. This ETI specific software is ideal for users who do not require additional features for other Ellab products.


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Fittings and Accessories

To define the exact sensor position and repeat the setup may be as important to the validity of data as the accuracy of the sensor itself. This is why Ellab offers a vast amount of fittings and accessories that allows the validation equipment to suited and fitted into almost any process. The high number of standard fittings is often supplemented by our custom fitting solution, in which Ellab’s experienced application crew can create unique fittings to ensure the utmost accurate measuring in any container. These containers can be anything from cans and carton boxes to plastic/glass bottles and medical pouches.

In addition to standard and custom fittings, Ellab also offer different product transportation cases, logger batteries, feed-through systems, logger trays, o-rings, cutting/puncturing tools and thermal barriers that allows wireless data loggers to exceed their given temperature range.


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Pyrogen Testing Solution

The PyroMon Pro is an easy way to document the safety of products by measuring possible temperature changes during pyrogen tests. This module, much like the E-Val Pro, is a 40-channel system with a large display that allows for a simple overview over the process in real time. The entire system is GAMP and FDA 21 CFR, part 11 compliant, and comes with the PyroMonSuite™ software, which includes all the required monitoring and documentation features for pyrogen testing. Read more about the PyroMon Pro system here.


Medical Probes

Regarding medical probes, Ellab can provide high-end and innovative measurement devices to accurately measure patient temperature. These probes come in two different modules, thermistor probes and thermocouple probes, which each offering their own benefits. Read more about the Medical Probes here.

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