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TTB Special Thermal Barrier in PTFE

TTB Special Thermal Barrier in PTFE

This solid PTFE thermal barrier is especially designed for applications that do not permit the usual thermal barrier principle of evaporation, but still require data loggers to operate at ambient temperatures above +150 °C. Much like other thermal barriers, the data logger is placed inside the barrier, but is in this case only protected by the isolating effects of the PTFE material itself. The maximum permitted application temperature when using this barrier is + 170 °C, and it takes approx. 60 minutes before the logger has reached its maximum temperature of +150 °C. The thermal barrier has the overall dimensions (Ø x H) of 65 x 86 mm (Ø 75 mm lid) and works in the temperature range of -50 to +170 °C. 

Ideal for the food and catering industries that include deep-frying applications, e.g. french-fries.

Main advantages:

✔ Ideal for e.g. oil frying applications
✔ Strong PTFE material inert to most oils & chemicals
✔ Data loggers are easily mounted in the barrier
✔ Maintenance free and easy to clean


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